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Tilen Sepič is a multidisciplinary artist and designer working in the fields of new media, light art, light design, product design and audio-visual light installations. He actively promotes the open-source and DIY culture through mentoring workshops. With light-sound kinetic installations and light-based products he regularly participates at light festivals and exhibitions, both home and abroad.

contact: tilen[AT]sepic.cc

With a decade of experience in industrial design and production, Tilen's work has naturally gravitated toward artistic practices. His primary focus centers around exploring the fundamental aspects of objects and experiences, unveiling their key functions, materials, technologies, or underlying purposes.

His research in light design objects and installations is currently focused on how artificial light affects the brain, mood, and experience, the same way natural light does. His passion for playing with sensory inputs, together with his technological background gives him the motivation to work in interactive design and art installations.

2023 03 Cosmic Rain, exhibition, LAACT XXIII (Light as a Creative Tool), Muzeum Narodowe we Wroclawiu, Wroclaw, PL

2023 03 Cosmic Rain, exhibition, konS≡Sequences ≡ Fragments of a Possible Ecosystem, Cukrarna, Ljubljana, SLO

2022 06 - 2023 02 Light Oscillator - SERRALVES EM LUZ - Parque de Serralves, Immersivus Unipessoal, Porto, PT, Curator: Nuno Maya

2022 07 Cosmic Rain, exhibition, Meduza Gallery, Koper

2021 09 Cosmic Rain, exhibition, Xcenter, Nova Gorica

2021 05 Cosmic Rain, exhibition, Mala Galerija, Lighting Guerilla

2021 05 Isolation, public installation, Lighting Guerilla

2021 01 Cosmic Rain, kinetic light and sound installation v.2, Osmo-Za, Ljubljana, SLO

2020 11 Public light installation and workshop Clouds, EPK(ECK) Rijeka2020, Lovran, CRO

2020 08 Cosmic Rain, kinetic light and sound installation, festival A-Dela, Ljubljana, SI

2020 07 Rotonda, architectural permanent light installation, Ljubljana, SI

2019 12 Light Oscillator - Vinterljus Festival of lights, Linkoping, SE

2019 11 Eclipse, group exhibition - Kunsthall Oslo (CZK), Oslo, NO

2019 10 Eclipse, exhibition - Responsive light art project, Halifax NS, Canada

2019 09 Eclipse,  group exhibition - Maison et Objet (CZK), Paris, FR

2019 07 Light Oscillator, installation IZIS #7 - Invazija - Monfort, obalne galerije, Portorož, SI

2019 03 Lighting guerilla laboratory workshops - various interactive light and sound objects, public installations, Ljubljana

2019 04 Lighting guerilla laboratory - Interactive light and sound presentation at Kulturni Bazar festival, CD, Ljubljana

2018 09 Interference Tunis Light art project, La Rachidia Hub Rue Sidi Ben Arous, AV installation, Tunis TN

2018 09 Interference Tunis Light art project, Site: Dar Ben Achour, Laser installation, , Tunis TN

2018 01 EVI Lichtungen, Light art festival, Hildesheim, DE; kinetic AV installation Light Oscillator

2018 03 Collumina light art project, Cologne, DE, kinetic AV installation Light Oscillator

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