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Spare parts for Eclipse light.

Replacement brass holder

Remote dimmer / Controller set

Replacement Power Supply set


If the remote control stopped working, or if you are trying to connect a new remote control unit,
please try to re-synchronise a dimmer with a lamp;
“To re-synchronise a dimmer:
Press and hold top-left button (on-off) until the light flashes and then top-right button until the light flashes again.”

If there is no light on the remote control, please try to change the MN21/A23 (12V) battery or check the correct polarity.

Please make sure that the mains-cable is firmly connected to the power supply
and that the dimmer unit is connected between the lamp cable and the power supply.


If you need any additional info feel free to contact us on an email: contact [at] tilensepic.com

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